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series using different data sources


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You need to merge them into one dataset or use the Data API to pass data.

Notice that getting data from multiple datasets can have some issues:

1) What to do when one dataset is larger than the other?

2) You mentioned you have dates on each one, do you want to synchronize them meaning that all points in the same date are together ? What happens is a day is missing in some of the datasets?

These are all decisions you have to make in order to merge the datasets.

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HI, Francisco

I have exactly the same requirement mentioned in this post. However the Data API cannot cope with requirements.

I've come cross the dataset.merge(datatable, false, MissingSchemaAction.Add) function, and with primary key setup to be the Date field, it partially solved the issue. The merged dataset is listed below.

However the issues I have now are

Missing date in the row broke the line (rows in bold)

Different date being appended to dataset but not inserted into the right order (01 Nov 2007)

Any idea how to sort the problem? Thanks

Date P1  P2

05 Oct 2007 1015 1009

12 Oct 2007 1030 1009

19 Oct 2007 1053 1017

26 Oct 2007 1035 1015

02 Nov 2007 1043 

09 Nov 2007 1040 1060

16 Nov 2007 1025 1056

23 Nov 2007 1025 1068

30 Nov 2007 1000 1019

07 Dec 2007 960 1017

14 Dec 2007 910 1019

21 Dec 2007 955 998

04 Jan 2008 1030 1037

11 Jan 2008 1028 1029

01 Nov 2007  1044

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