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ListProvider and filter?


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 I have a form where the user can enter X and Y values and as they are entered another form shows the graph of these. This is working fine, the values are being written to a business object using databinding and these are then shown as a graph using a ListProvider (which is set to collection of these business objects). My problem is that the X and Y values of my business object have a default value of -1E+16 until the user inputs a valid value. Naturally I don't want the graph to show any points having (-1E+16, -1E16) as coordinates. Is there any way to filter these points out? As far as I can see I cannot inherit the ListProvider and it doesn't have any events, so what are my options? Would it be possible to do it if the graph was drawn from a datatable instead (and using the filter on this)?



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1) What do you want to do for the points that have  -1E+16 as X and Y? For example what do you want to plot in this case:


1 10

2 20

 -1E+16  -1E+16

5 30

 If you replace -1E+16 with Chart.Hidden, then you will get a "break" between X = 2 and X = 5

If you want to skip this point, then you will have to create a list or array that contains only the elements you want to plot.

When binding to a dataset, the values may contain "null". null values are treated as hidden points.


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