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Modifying series visibility setting hangs application


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I have a menu item that toggles the display of two of the series in the graph.  However, after the visibility of the two series is updated, it appears as the (personal) web server goes into a loop.  The page display is not updated and the cpu utilization jumps noticably.  Subsequent page requests - of any type - don't raise any events.  If the debug session is stopped, the cpu utilization contiues to be elevated and remains so until the web server is stopped. If the debug session is restarted, the display is functional until you series' visibility is updated. (CPU load also increases) Note that the same handler processes other menu commands to change the chart's hieght and width, and they work fine.

myChart.Series[3].Visible = false;

myChart.Series[4].Visible = false;

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What I wound up doing is reseting the chart and then completely recreating it without the two additional series.   I would have preferred to just set the two series to not be visible instead of going trhough the overhead of recreating the entire chart, but it works.


- Tony

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We are unable to reproduce this problem. If you give us a repro case we will be happy to take a look and find out what's happening.

Definitely not the best solution to re-populate the chart. I would like to look into this.

Another thing: If what you are trying is to remove the last to series the most efficient way to do that is:

 chart.Data.Series -= 2;

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