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Image Quality Lost In Reporting Services


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I'm trying ChartFX for Reporting Services and have come across a quality problem. When the image is rendered in the preview it is of good quality and has smoothed edges. When viewing in reporting services the image appears blocky, and it gets worse when exported to PDF.

Microsofts chart control appears fine, it renders at screen resolution when viewed in the browser and renders at a much higher quality when exported. Unfortunately, this does not support the features that I need.

I've tried raising the DPI (doubling it) but this makes the screen view worse because IE uses a nearest neighbor approach to scaling PNGs. Note that this affects the fonts especially badly, the graph is anti-aliased but still looks very poor when exported as the resolution is not automatically increased.

Can anyone help?


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This is a limitation on the Custom Control support RS offers. Custom control can only produce Raster images and therefore are not scale nicely.

 The built-in chart control is not built as a custom control and uses internal APIs not available to us or any other custom control.

There is no real solution to this problem (other than Microsoft adding this functionality). We added a property called Dpi to alleviate the problem, you can set this property to a high number to produce charts with a higher resolution. There is however a drawback, when using a high DPI, the chart will not look as crisp in low DPI resolutions (e.g. Print Preview).

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