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Save chart - server side ?

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Is the concept of Personalization in ChartFX6.2 only "client-side". Having set chart.PersonalisedFlags=PersonalisedFlags_Serverside, i was expecting the changes i was making on a chart in the client machine to be copied to the server.

Has anyone tried anything in this area? Help will be appreciated.





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First, you must be talking about Chart FX Internet, Chart FX Client Server is for Desktop-based applications.

PersonalizedFlags_Serverside is inherited from the .NET version and requires ASP.NET's Post Back mechanisms to work. This feature is only avialable in the .NET Version of ChartFX.
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Thanks Frank!!!

Yes, i was talking about Chart FX Internet 6.2. I am using the chart FX API's from my ASP and want to save the changes made to a chart on the server can you suggest me if anyone has tried this before in ASP using API's ? I have been looking for help in the documents but have not found anything. Can you show me a direction to proceed?




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