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How Apply Time into ChartFX


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 Another Question on Y Axis Label format

This is my sample DataTable which is going to bind into ChartFX. 

Eg.   Item (x)       Total Hours (Y)

    Product 1 1 Hours 42 Min

    Product 2 3 Hours 32 Min

  Product 3   2 Hours 12 Min

    Product 4   7 Hours 12 Min


1. How to set Y Axis Label to Time(Hours) format.I would like to format my Y Axes Label to (MIN) 0 Hours and (MAX) 12 Hours

2. How to Bind from Time Format? 

Please advise~!!








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Hi Frank,


Item(String) TotalSeconds(Double)

Item 1   7610

Item 2   8610

Item 3   6710

Item 4   6200

 .......  .....




' Y Axes

Chart1.AxisY.LabelsFormat.Format = ChartFX.WebForms.AxisFormat.Time

Chart1.AxisY.LabelsFormat.CustomFormat = "hh:mm:ss"

Chart1.AxisY.Max = 12

Chart1.AxisY.Min = 0

Dim i As Integer

Dim build As String
Dim hh, mm, ss As Integer

Dim hh, mm, ss As Integer
Dim a As TimeSpanMinutesConverter

For i = 0 To 12

Chart1.AxisY.Labels(i) = i ' Hours

Chart1.AxisX.Labels(i) = "Item " & i ' Item

hh = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(7612 ).Hours

mm = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(7612 ).Minutes

ss = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(7612 ).Seconds

total_ss = (mm * 60) + ss

build = Convert.ToString(Trim(hh & "." &  total_ss ))

Chart1.Data(0, i) = build


This are the sample images.


Why my Tooptips Display Data is not matching with my Chart Display??

Any Suggestion????



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