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I am searching for a graph control which can display Surface graph with 3D effect only. I am able to plot the graph but not able to change X, Y and Z axis as data is quite complicated and there is no good sample program for Surface graph. (My data consist of 2D array of [42,42] and 1D array of Dates assigned to Y axis).  I am able to plot graph but it is not as per expected.

The logic I implemented is, creates the dummy Arraylist and assign to ListProvider and then added all 1D arrays one by one as I got the data from other sources.

Is it possible for you to give me pseudo code for assigning this data to particular axis?  



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A surface chart's data consist of a grid containing the Y-Value for each cell.

Looking at the surface chart from the top, draw a grid on top of it, then fill each cell with the Y value for that point. The grid can be as small or big as you want. This grid is the data that you pass to the chart.

You only pass the Y-values to the chart, the X and Z are given by the column (series index) and row (point index) of each cell.

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