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Uneven Time based series items


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We have been using Chartfx for quite some years now and have run into major limitations in how chartfx actually gets data.

We now use a system of exception reporting to save our system data. That means that for a given series over the day if there have only been 2 changes only 2 data items are stored in the database. Another series item may have changes 300 times for the same period so trying to plot both these series items together with Chart fx means that we MUST create arrays of the same size. This has an obvious performance drawback. We have been experimenting with other charting solutions, such as Dundas chart, and they allow for direct assignment of such uneven data series items.

Is there a way of doing this in Chartfx without having to create arrays of a given size?

Series 1

 Timestamp   Data

28/4/2006 04:12:45     23.43

28/4/2006 12:19:22     29.43

Series 2

 Timestamp   Data

28/4/2006 01:11:31     94.12

28/4/2006 02:34:58     86.12

28/4/2006 03:17:44     91.12

28/4/2006 04:55:32     80.12

28/4/2006 05:17:51     80.12

28/4/2006 06:41:12     90.12

28/4/2006 07:38:27     80.12

28/4/2006 08:18:01     71.12

28/4/2006 09:27:45     100.12

Many thanks

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