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Delphi5 Legend & serleg stringlist

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I am trying to deal with a legend and a series legend.

For a mysterious reason I can't let them work properly togheter.

Initial (legend is on) , the series legend has a far too large Y size and so

it is overwriting my legend. (The X size seems to be OK.)

Then after 2 clicks on the legend button, the Y size seems too work OK.

(The X size seems to be to small now)

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong?

I am first writing strings to the legend and then to the serleg.

(If I first write to serleg, then i got a major runtime error.)

I did not install any specific cfx component within the Delphi environment.

(So I am using the default stuff)

Many thanks on forehand, with kind regards,

Frank Brugman

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