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Italian language for Chart FX Client/Server

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From the Chart FX Programmer's Guide:


Chart FX provides an international support section that will allow you to

access Chart FX resources (String Table, .RC, .DLG) to translate them to

your own language and build a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) to be loaded

dynamically at running time. In order to be able to build this DLL you

should have a development tool that provides means of editing these

resources (i.e. MS Visual C++) and re-compile to build this new resource


In order to support all the possible foreign languages, we provide a special

directory called LOCALE. In this directory CHART FX install all the

necessary files to make a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) with the resources that

the library needs.

Loading the new resource

After editing the resources, recompile and build the new DLL you must use

the "Language" property to load this library at running time. The following

source code will load a new DLL called German.DLL

Chart1.Language = "German.DLL"




Software FX, Inc.

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