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Cfx98: Bug in the localization support?

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I did localize the Chart FX 98 for the Czech language.

When I press the right mouse button on the graph area,

pop-up menu appears with correct Czech strings.

However, when I select the last (default) item

"Properties..." ("Vlastnosti..." in Czech), then the

window title of the displayed dialog still contains

the English word "Properties", which cannot be found

in my RC file. On the other hand, the RC file contains

strings for symbols IDS_DOCSTRINGXxxxxYyyy which seems

to be created for the above mentioned purpose, but

which are not used for that.



P.S. I understand that it is difficult to debug such

things in English, where everything seems to be OK.


Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

Please, don't reply via e-mail.

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