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Due to a compilation mistake in the previous releases, the Financial Extension library is not including the SfxBar library information. That's why Delphi can't expand "ToolBarObj" information for FE. This problem will be fixed in version

In the meantime, try the following:

In the Uses include "SfxBar_TLB", this unit should be in your import subfolder.

Declare a variable as follow:

FEToolBar: IToolBar;

In your code add:

FinExt.ToolBarObj.QueryInterface (IID_IToolBar, FEToolBar);


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From: M.Wasbauer [ mailto:m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl]

Posted At: Friday, February 25, 2000 7:52 PM

Posted To: Localization

Conversation: In Delphi I am missing properties and procedures

Subject: In Delphi I am missing properties and procedures

Hello there.

I have a problem that drives me nuts...

Hopefully someone knows what's going on here in Delphi 4(UP3):

I dropped a ChartFX98 chart on a form.

I imported the financial extension typelibrary into Delphi.

I put FINANCIALCHARTSEXTLib_TLB in the uses clause.

I declared a global variable FinExt this way: FinExt: FinancialCharts;

I add the financial extension at the OnCreateForm event like this:

FinExt := CoFinancialCharts.Create;


Now I have a pointer (FinExt) to the financial chart extension.

Then I load two Localization DLL's. One for Chartfx98 and the other for the

Financial Extension.



So far everything works okay.

Now I need to resize the menubars to fit the longer local (dutch) translated


in ChartFX98 it goes well like this:


BUT with Finext.ToolBarObj there seems to be a lot missing.

I expect to see properties, functions and procedures but I only see 7

functions and nothing more.

These are the functions I do see when I hit the period button (and the

little menu rolls out):

function _AddRef

function _Release

function GetIDsOfNames

function GetTypeInfo

function GetTypeInfoCount

function Invoke

function QueryInterface

That's it. This drives me crazy. I cannot find why I am getting only these

functions and nothing more.

I hope someone can tell me or point me at a direction what could be wrong


I tried it also in VB5 but there I actually do get the complete list with

properties, functions and procedures

so I think it must be somewhere in Delphi.

Thanks in advance.

Maurice Wasbauer


The Netherlands

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