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Is there a CFX4DLL.HLP file?

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I am trying to migrate an application from ChartFX 2.0 (!) to something 

more current. The app uses CFX2032.DLL now, and I'd like to use

CFX4032.DLL instead. (I don't want to convert to ActiveX if I can avoid


I have a help file named CFX3DLL.HLP that helps me understand what the code

is doing now. But all the version 4 documentation I can find is about OCX,

not the DLL.

Was there a CFX4DLL.HLP? Or is there some other source of information on

using CFX4032.DLL with raw chart_Send commands?

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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In Chart FX 4 and beyond, the DLL and OCX are both COM based and therefore 

the API is the same (same help file).

Old dll flat API is only supported for compatibility. Check out the C++

samples and the support site for examples on using Chart FX from C++.

There is only minor differences between using the DLL and the ActiveX, they

mostly refer to how the object is created, how it is made active and how

events are captured.

The following KB articles should be helpful to you:

Q1381006. DLL or ActiveX. Which one should I use ?

Q1381002. Using Chart FX 98 in VC++ without MFC

Q1381010. Handling events in Chart FX DLL

Q1381039. Implementing ICfxEvents. A template


Francisco Padron


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