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Overlapping X-Axis lables

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I am trying to resolve a very strange problem with overlapping labels on the

x-axis. See the attached screenshot (chart.png).

Major Unit is set to Auto but the x-axis labels (they are quite long) are

drawn as if Major Unit is 1.

The values displayed on the X-axis are as follows (if they matter).












I have also exported and attached a chart file (chart.chd).

Any suggestions what's wrong with the chart and what can I do to make the

chart display "normally"?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm unable to reproduce this problem.

I read the attached chart file into a similar size chart and I get no

overlapping of labels. I tried resizing the chart to many sizes but I never

got the problem to occur.

In your chart, does the overlapping disappear when you resize the chart area

ever so slightly ?


Francisco Padron


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I think I have found the problem.

It occurs if the following 2 conditions are true:

- chart has CSE_FASTLEGENDS style

- first x-axis label is much shorter than the others (e.g. 0 vs 1111111)

Removing CSE_FASTLEGENDS style fixes the problem.

So I have a question... what will be consequences for an app of not setting

this style?


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