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start point from axis Y

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In Q7001070. Gaps in my data causes gap in the lines. How can I prevent this

How can we get the chart effect like this (the starting point of a series is

on the Y axis) :

Imagine you have a dataset like the following:

Date Product A Product B

1/01/2004 10 100

1/02/2004 20 90

1/03/2004 30

1/04/2004 40 70

1/05/2004 60

1/06/2004 60 50

1/07/2004 70

1/08/2004 80 30

1/09/2004 20

1/10/2004 100 10

"Leo" <yan.luo@dfafunds.com> wrote in message


> I use Gallery.Lines to draw several lines. The data is from an array.

> the start point of those lines are all one step from the axis Y.

> I want the start point appear on the axis Y, how can I implement this?


> Thanks,

> Leo



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