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All Developers: Chartfx 6.2 COM will no longer be released

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As some of you may be aware of, Microsoft decided to stop selling Visual 

Basic 6 in March 2005, along with the decommission of the Mainstream support

(http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/support/vb6.aspx). This indicates a lack

of support for the VB6 market on Microsoft behalf, who is trying to move its

user base to .NET.

That is the main reason why we have decided not releasing a new version of

Chart FX Client Server, and rather dedicate our efforts to development in

newer platforms, such as .NET. We will continue to sell and support the

current version of Chart FX Client Server 5.1 for the VB6 market. However,

we listen carefully to our user base, and if there's an important need of an

updated version of Chart FX Client Server for the COM (VB6) market, we will

definitely do it. We encourage our customers to express their opinions

regarding this issue either in this newsgroup or via email at

info@online.softwarefx.com (remove online).

On the other hand, we continue committed to the COM (ASP) platform, as we

are releasing a new version of Chart FX Internet 6.2 (currently in beta)

with all the functionality of Chart FX for .NET 6.2.


Ivan Giugni

Product Manager

Software FX

"Daniel Reber" <dreber@nospam.com> wrote in message


>I was just told by Softwarefx that they will no longer be releasing 6.2

> Client/Server. I have already expressed my feelings to Ivan Giugni, their

> Product Manager of Chart FX. Please send an email to

> support@softwarefx.com

> and express your thoughts on this.


> Thank You.


> Daniel Reber

> Datamasters, Inc



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