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Autoscale property

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Does AutoScale property of Axis Y work properly for stacked histograms? In

fact, I implement a real-time stacked area chart and set this property to be

"true". However, this forces Axis Y to scale according to the maximum value

of one of the series but not the maximum value of their sums.

Thank you for your advice in advance,


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> When you say histogram, Do you mean a Stacked chart ?

Yes, you were right, it is a stacked chart.

> Have you tried calling RecalcScale ?

"Please keep in mind that this method reads the entire data array, so

abusing this method could affect the performance of your application, as

Chart FX will read the entire data array every time this method is called"

I have a real-time chart with 5K-50K of values. It looks like calling it

several times a second is not the best solution.

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Adjusting the Min/Max as new points are set is not supported for Stacked 

charts as it is very difficult to maintain in a generic situation (we don't

know the order in which you are setting the points, whether you are setting

all the points or just replacing a few and whether or not you are going to

change the Stacked setting latter on).

What you need to do here is adjust the Min/Max manually as you add the new

points. It should be simple for you because you know exactly what you are

adding and in what order.

You are right about RecalcScale, in this case it is better to avoid it.



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