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Dear Asmaa,

In the current version of Financial this is not possible.

The title of all the panes is fixed.

I am working on doing something like this for the .NET version which is due

out this year.

I am going to have a PricesPaneTitleMask property

that will take a string like this

PricesPaneTitleMask = "Close Price = %C and the Volume is %V";

Does that sound good for you?

I imagine I will not do this for each study as they do not have that many

options! Plus you can change the Study Name.

It is a little strange to me that you want to display the Volume value on

the Prices Pane, because, if you have the Volume study open then mouse down

will immediately just show the value for the Volume Pane on its own pane. I

would guess you want to not show the Volume study but still view its'

values. Am I correct?

Regarding the second question have you tried PointLabelMask property in the

Chart. I believe that is what you are looking for.


"Asmaa" <asmaa@mistnet.net> wrote in message


> In financial chart, I would like to add new information to the tip data


> the mouse is down on each point.


> How can I do that?



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