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Hello All!

I've got the following problem.

I want to know which point was selected by user.

The ChartFX documentation contains the event "LButtonUp( short x,

short y, short* shRes )". I use following code to convert this coordinate

to the number of series and number of point in series:

CComVariant v;

com_err = m_spChart->PaintInfo(


CComVariant(MAKELONG(x, y)),


com_err = v.ChangeType(VT_I4);

const WORD wSeries = LOWORD(v.lVal);

const WORD wPoint = HIWORD(v.lVal);

But number of point for series can be more

then WORD - 2 byte (). Everywhere else (in ChartFX documentation) the number

of point can be long - 4 byte. If I try use this event it will arouse an

error when user click on the point with number (for example) 70000 in

sieries. Have you got any work around to resolve the issue?

Thanks, Kirill

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