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Top Title "Etched"?

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I'm using ChartFX Client Server, and have a question about the top title

text. Specifically, is it possible to display the top title with a non-3D


My VB6 code is setting the top title font as follows:

cfxChart.Title(CHART_TOPTIT) = "blah blah blah"

cfxChart.Fonts(CHART_TOPFT) = CF_ARIAL Or 12

This results in a 12 point Arial title, but it has a 3-D "etched" look. I

would prefer it to be flat, but can't seem to find a property that



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"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Yes.


> To remove the etched effect on the top title do:


> chartfx1.TypeEx = chartfx1.TypeEx and not CTE_NOTITLESHADOW


> --

> FP

> Software FX


Thanks! That worked just fine, after I changed it to:

chartfx1.TypeEx = chartfx1.TypeEx Or CTE_NOTITLESHADOW


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