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scrolling in realtime charts

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I'm using realtime charts with scrolling, But while I'm scrolling, I see the curve cutted, and parts of the legands being erased

I don't know why despite I'm using

AxChartFX1.TypeEx = AxChartFX1.TypeEx Or CfxTypeEx.CTE_SMOOTH

I tried to solve this by calling AxChartFX1.refreash() in the UserScroll event, but it does not work well

So how can I override this?

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A few things:

1) AxChartFX1.TypeEx = AxChartFX1.TypeEx Or CfxTypeEx.CTE_SMOOTH

Does NOT affect the behavior of the legend box. Refreshing the legend box frequently will cause flickering regardless of this setting.

2) When you say " I see the curve cutted" what do you mean ? can you provide with a sample program or screen shot ?



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I am getting the same thing.  Cutted lines (45 deg angle) will appear for 

about ten samples and then redraw into the actual line. I can't get a

screen shoot captured, as soon as I stop the graph, it will redraw.

Is there a buffer that has to be filled before updating the line that is

controllable? If I turn off evenspacing, then the graph will just jump by

every 10 samples.



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> as soon as I stop the graph, it will redraw

If the chart redraws is because you are making it redraw. Make sure you

eliminate all code that sets properties to chart wherever you are "stopping"

your real-time process. Also make sure no window comes on top of the chart

when this happens.

Are you using a Curve Chart ? Curve charts are not recommended for Real-Time

as the curvature of previous points is affected by new values. Use line

instead or you need to refresh the whole chart everytime you add a new




Software FX

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