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Problems with having ChartFx draw itself to CDC

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I seem to be having problems when I ask ChartFX to draw itself onto a

CDC. It appears to drawn only the chart area within the size of the CDC and

labels and titles appear to be drawn outside of that area. ( See attached

pic ). Is there a way to ensure that the entire contents of the chart is

displayed within a certain sized CDC or to ask ChartFX how much size is

needed to display the axis labels and resize things appropriately?


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The CDC is the whole thing not just the rectangle that you are drawing in


You can not draw outside of a device context, if you do it simply wont show

at all.

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do, but CDC is an MFC class

that wraps a Device Context. We know about Device Contexts, if you use the

Paint method, you can give us a DC and we draw on it at the coordinates that

you specify (the whole chart, including legends, titles, axis, etc.).



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