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ChartFX events inside Active Reports?

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Hello all!

I'm using ChartFX 5 inside Active Reports 2.0 with VB6. Trying to work with the GetAxisLabel event, but I can't get the event to

fire. I think I've got everything set up right - the pertinent code is below.

Any ideas?


Eric Law

Public Sub SetData(oData As clsStockRRData)

With ChartFX1

' Properties

.Gallery = LINES ' This is a LINE chart, unlike the others!

.Chart3D = False ' And it's a 2-D chart

.BorderStyle = BORDER_NONE ' No border

.RGBBk = RGB(255, 255, 255) ' White background overall

.RGB2DBk = RGB(192, 192, 192) ' Gray background in chart area

.Palette = "Gray Scale" ' Black and white chart

.AxesStyle = CAS_MATH ' Axes scaling style

With .Axis(AXIS_X)

.Font.Name = "Swis721 BT" ' X axis font

.Font.Size = 7 ' X axis font size

.Style = .Style Or AS_NOTIFY

End With




End Sub

Public Sub ChartFX1_GetAxisLabel(nAxis As Integer, nRes As Integer)


End Sub

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