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Saving template - maintaining state

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I'm using 5.5 Internet edition, and everytime the page is refreshed, the

changes made to the chart (such as chart type, colour, font etc) are lost as

the page is reloaded.

I've put a lot of code in so the web application 'remembers' these options,

and when the page is reloaded, these settings are reapplied. This however

is not good enough, there are far too many options for me to code up. There

must be an easier way.

I've saved a template file onto the server and got the asp code loading this

up everytime - but how do I get the asp code to update the template file

when the user makes changes? If I have the aspcode export the file, the

page has already been lost (I wish I was using .net here). - using VB Script

(server) & javascript (client) on IIS5.5.


No really, help!

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You can not save in the server changes made in the client component. Not in

Chart FX 5.x anyways.

To save changes in the server requires a "postback" to something in the

server that will receive the new template and save it.

We offer personalization options in Chart FX 5.x but the changes are saved

in the client. For more information about this please check the section

"Chart FX Internet Special Features -> Personalized charts" in the Chart FX

Internet Reference help file.

In Chart FX 6.x (for .NET) we added a new option to save these

personalization settings in the server or the client but this implementation

uses ASP.NET technology not available in Chart FX 5.x.



Software FX, Inc.

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