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Data Editor Bug Found

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Found an interesting bug with the Data Editor that I will attempt to

describe as best as possible. The main symptom is that the data editor

loses data if it the scroll bar for the data editor is not visible, when the

chart style is real-time.

Environment: Visual C++ 6, Win XP Pro, ChartFX Client Server

Screenshots of behavior:


Using the included C++ example application Cfx98, specifically the Real-time

charting demo:

1. In the code, change all the occurances of the number 20 to 5 -

essentially make it so that there are only a maximum of 5 data points.

2. In the resource editor, open the dialog for the real-time chart and

change the properties of either chart to show the data editor ( this can

also be done at runtime - doesn't make a difference ).

3. Compile and run the application.

4. Open the Real Time Chart dialog.

5. Click on the "Add One" button until 5 data points are added and visible.

Notice that the data editor has the appropriate series numbers and values

below the corresponding series:

1 2 3 4 5

6. Click on the "Add One". Notice that the data editor loses the first

entry, now showing:

2 3 4 5

7. Click on the "Add One". Notice that the data editor loses the first

entry, now showing:

3 4 5

8. And so on until all the data is lost.

Note, this does not happen IF AND ONLY IF the data editor scroll bar is not

present. If you resize the dialog box so that the scrool bar appears, then

the problem does not happen.

Anyone have a work-around for this? :)

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