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ChartFX Client Server on NT

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We no known issues with WinNT SP6 and this version of ChartFX has been

successfully deployed to WinNT for several years now. Either a new problem

has been introduced in this latest service pack of ChartFX or there is

something very specific within your application that causes this not to

work. My suggestion is to create a new project and drop a chart with no

code and see if it will successfully run on WinNT or not. If it does then

please start adding ChartFX code from your main application until you are

able to reproduce this error. By using this method you should be able to

pinpoint what particular setting is causing this behavior. If you are able

to send us a small sample application that reproduces the behavior then we

will be happy to test it out.


Tech. Support

"Artan Dimnaku" <Artan.Dimnaku@aspentech.com> wrote in message


> Is ChartFX Client Server, CFX4032.dll version and sfxbar.dll

> version supported on NT 4.0 with SP6?


> Thanks


> Artan Dimnaku



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