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Edit capabilities in VB IDE

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At some point of time, the edit capability of ChartFX 5.0 client/server in

the VB IDE disappeared without notice. The distribution CD Build

has the edit function enabled, but later updates through the ChartFX website

don't support it any longer.

As the edit capability is very convenient for my projects, I have tried to

use VB forms with later versions of ChartFX objects on a PC where the

original ChartFX 5.0 is installed. As could be expected, VB won't load the

later ChartFX objects. Is there any way of modifying the forms manually?

I noticed that changing the build number from 20 back to 19 does not do the


Here are my two questions:

1. Are there plans to add the edit function to future updates of the

ChartFX client/server 5.0 for the VB environment? You once stated that it

was causing problems in the Delphi environment, but it seems to work fine in

Visual Basic 6.0.

2. Are there easy changes that would make it possible to convert later

versions ChartFX objects into the original version (Build 19) ?

Thanks for your help.

Henk Borsje

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