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Second Y axis problem

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I have a chart I've set up that dynamically determines whether to graph a

line over the stacked bars or not. The problem I'm having is that when I

don't define the second y axis and don't pass the data for the series it

still insists on putting in the axis.

I've tried adding in each of the following and they don't work. They work

for the other axises.

<cfset axis2.style = AS_HIDE>

<cfset axis2.style = AS_HIDETEXT>

Any thoughts?


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By making two settings to the Axis Style, you are overriding the first one.


<cfset axis2.style = AS_HIDE>

<cfset axis2.style = AS_HIDETEXT>

Has the same effect of only doing:

<cfset axis2.style = AS_HIDETEXT>

Also, make sure that the constants AS_HIDE and AS_HIDETEXT are available

from your cold-fusion script, otherwise you will have to use the actual

number they represent and combine them both into a single call.



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