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Two questions about point labels

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1. Is it possible to have more than one color of label text in a chart (in

the Client Server version)?

I use stacked bars quite a bit, the labels inside the bars, and its hard to

have contrasting section colors if they all have to be either dark or light

enough to allow the point labels to be read.

2. Is there anyway to insert the equivalent of a hard carriage return, or

even word-wrapping, in a point label?

I'd rather have the labels in my columns appear:




YES 50%

Thank you.

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I'm afraid the answer to both questions is NO in Chart FX Client Server.

1) You can not have different color labels for each series/point. This is a

new feature in Chart FX 6 (for .NET)

2) You can not have Multi-Line labels either.

However, you can achieve both of these things using annotation objects, it

will require a little bit of coding but it will give you the flexibility you


You can create annotation objects that are "attached" to logical X/Y

coordinates (in X and Y axis logical units). This allows you to easily place

the labels near the top of the bars.

For more information on annotation object please check the help files and

the support site.



Software FX, Inc.


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