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ICfxEvents handler

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i'm trying to write an event handler using VC6/MFC for Cfx98.

i used the CCfxEvents template off the website, and it compiles fine . but

the linker fails: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _IID_ICfxEvents

so, my question is : where should it be finding IID_ICfxEvents? do i need to

#import something besides cfx4032.ocx, AnnotateX.dll and sfxbar.dll ?

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Is right there in the include file (CfxEvents.h) it reads:

DEFINE_GUID(IID_ICfxEvents, 0x7588a6a0, 0xc7e7, 0x11d1, 0x89, 0x7e, 0x0,

0xaa, 0x0, 0xbd, 0x9, 0x1c);

Check the following article in MSDN for more information on avoiding this


Q130869 HOWTO: Avoid Error LNK2001 Unresolved External Using DEFINE_GUID



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