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Change color of text in VB IDE?

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Is it possible to change the color of the various text (labels, title, etc.)

in a graph in the VB6 IDE? Isn't is easier for a developer if as much as

possible can be done without coding? I use ChartFX Client Server 5.0

A second question. When I select the 'edit' function after right-clicking

in the IDE on a chart, there is nothing that can be edited. I thought that,

for example, it would be possible to change the margins between the graph

itself and the edge of the ChartFX object (in the VB IDE again). Have I

inadvertently disabled this edit function? I know it is possible to change

the numeric values in the Properties window, but I thought that straight

dragging was also possible.

Thanks for your help,

Henk Borsje

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1) Yes. Using the property pages you can change the titles. The Axis-Labels

and Series Labels are considered part of the data and as such are not saved

at design time.

2) Yes. When you select "Edit" you basically activate the chart and can now

work with it as it you were at run-time, you can right-click and a menu will

come out, you can go to the property pages, resize the chart area, etc.

However all the settings that disable any of this behavior at run-time will

also disable them in "Edit mode". So for example, if using the properties

window you set AllowResize to False, then you won't be able to re-size the

chart are neither at run-time nor during "Edit mode".



Software FX, Inc.

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There must be something different with one or more settings in my PC.  I

create a new project, standard form and add ChartFX Client Server control.

I add one line chart with default properties. In the properties window I

left the allowedit, allowdrag and allowresize all set to True. But the

edit functions that I do see when running my application don't show up in

the IDE environment after I select edit mode. Any idea what I must do to

solve this problem? I do remember that I was able to do the functions you

mention when I just started using ChartFX, but they are not working now.

I use a legitimate copy of ChartFX Client Server 5.0

The 'About' box says that the product is licensed to:



The additional information gives as location: \

The expected serial number and some license string are given (begins with 4










Thank you for your help.

Henk Borsje


"Software FX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> I forgot to mention:


> From the Edit mode, you can Right-Click on the Axis or Title and change


> color.


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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