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chart doesn't refresh itself

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Note that bar chart do not support a "mathematical" X axis, you can assign

labels (using the Legend property) and these labels will be shown in the X


Can you post sample code and the chart you are getting ?

If you are using ChartFX COM and there is not enough space to display the

labels you may see number "1,2,3..". To test if you are setting the labels

correctly you can turn on the legend window. If this is the case (not enough

space, labels ok) you can try reducing the font used in the X axis, setting

the labels to be painted vertically, or using a 2 level approach.




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"mike" <mikeweiminzhang@yahoo.com> wrote in message


> Hi folks,


> I was trying to change the x-axis of a bar chart. I step through the code

> and found out the x-axis label has been reduced from 5 to 4, but when

> finally the chart shows up, I still got 5 nodes on x-axis. what could be


> reason of this? It did not work even I set the page cache to nothing.


> Thanks

> mike




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