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Having a Problem Setting Individual Marker Colors

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I have been using Chart FX 98 for several years now and really like it. I

recently tried to use a method described on page 63 of your Chart FX

Programming Guide to set the individual marker colors. I think I did

everything right, but no matter what I did, all of the markers changed

color (like I was changing a property of the entire Series.). My code

snippet is shown below:


CFXTrend.OpenData Ex COD_Colors,2,0

For ii=0 to nPoints -1

'Use the procedure below to change the individual marker color when the

m_Product(ii +1) string is equal to the value the

'user chose from a combo box.

If m_Product(ii +1)=CStr(cmbProdDD.Text) Then




End If

Next ii


End If

When I step through the code in the debugging mode, it does seem to work

properly, but when I view the line x-y trend plot (line type chart), all of

the markers change to the RGB(0,255,255) color. [this happens even though

for some values of ii, the program flow IS directed to the

RGB(0,255,255) statement].

If you have any suggestions of how to do this task, please help.

Thank You,

Dick Hoffmeister


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CFXTrend.OpenData Ex COD_Colors,2,0

Is allocating just two (2) colors that will repeat over and over. If you

want to assign a color to each point you need to do:

CFXTrend.OpenData Ex COD_Colors,NumberOfPoints*NumberOfSeries,0

The rest of the code looks ok though I did not test it.



Software FX, Inc.

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