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Urgent questions of using ChartFX API by C# (.Net environment)

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As you know we have released Chart FX for .NET some time ago, this product

is designed for the .NET platform ad includes numerous samples.

For this reason we have not developed samples of using Chart FX 5.x (COM

version) from Microsoft .NET. There is only a few of these in our KB.

1) Specifically, PaintInfo is a tricky one as it return an actual UNMANAGED

HDC. Can you explain what do you need this HDC for ? is this a Windows Form

or a Web form application ? Are you doing this during one of the Paint

events (PrePaint, PostPaint, PainMarker) ?

2) I don't understand the second question. Are you asking how to assign a

color to an annotation object ? are you having problems setting the Color

property ?



Software FX, Inc.

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