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XML and Schema Support into the future

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My application wants to be able to store all of a charts settings (i.e.

titles, colours, legends) for a chart into a database. As part of my

prototyping I have implemented the below code to get the XML representation

of a chart:

Chart.FileMask = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.FileMask.All;

Chart.Export(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.FileFormat.XML, @"c:\temp.xml")

I intend to write and object model to match the schema that I have derived

from XML shown above and make this object model persistable to the database.

Obviously I have implicitly tied my object model to the current ChartFX XML

Schema. Therefore can I assume that all future versions of ChartFX will

support the same format of XML. Also is there an XSD for ChartFX and are

there plans to change it in the foreseeable future.

If the XSD is likely to change what is the preferred method for storing such

state to the database without reverting to storing BLOBS or large

VARCHAR(8000) full of XML?



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If we change the file format we will make it compatible, meaning that Chart

FX will always read files generated by older versions. We always keep file

compatibility except, sometimes, when a major new version comes out that

changes the whole object model. But service in packs and regular upgrades we

make sure this compatibility is kept.

We don't foresee any changes in the "structure" of the XML, we may add some

new stuff in it.



Software FX, Inc.

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