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ChartFX 5.x - Label fit check REPOST

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Is there a way to check whether axis labels fit into the size of the graph

or not for ChartFX 5.x? I use ChartFX ocx to create graph and store it into

bmp for further presentation via web applicaition. Legend in off. When

labels are too long and graph width/height is not enough to put them in i

get only border - nothing inside. AUTOSCALE is set for AXIS_X. I only want

to know when the size of the graph needs to be increased (or KeyLabels +

Legend have to be used).

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Could you please comment the question somehow even if it seems to be

meaningless? It looks really odd when there is no answer for the question

for 2 weeks.

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I'm afraid there is no API that will give you that.

The ValueToPixel method can help you determine the distance between 2

consecutive X-Axis labels but you will have to use the Windows API to

calculate the size in pixel of the legend string to determine whether or not

it fits.



Software FX, Inc.

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