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Use GetExternalData in C#

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We are using the ChartFX client-server edition 5.1 in C#.And when we

referencd to the GetExternalData(...) method,we found that two parameters

were needed,the first is the CfxDataArray object as the API reference guide

indicated,and the second is an object which we could not found any

information in any of the documents shipped with the product.And the helper

doc of the GetExternalData displayed only how to use it in VB,in which the

2nd parameter was not needed.

So here is our question:what the 2nd parameter suppose to be in this strange


Any help will be highly appreciated.Thanks a lot.



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This parameter is an initialization value for the External Data provider,

this parameter is useful when you pass a class name instead of an actual

object, when you pass an actual object that you already created and

initialized, you can ignore this parameter, you can pass any value.



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