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Some Issues with ChartFX and Win XP

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* I have some issues using ChartFX Client/Server 5.0 (latest patches

applied, today) & Win XP, for example, I can not rotate the chart, since

when I try to do so, the red and blue balls never appear, they remain black,

so no selection can be made to rotate the chart. I'm using a localization

DLL (spanish). I guess I messed something, since with no localization, the

chart rotates.

* Also, in the toolbar to select colors and color schemmas, the arrows do

not appear, there's a small button, with no icon, so it's hard to know

there's a way (for the user) to select another color or color pallete.

* I've noticed, for example, that colors in the chart are repeated for a

series of only 23 points. My users use 1024*768 monitors, so they like to

see some extra data in the screen. Is kind of confusing having different

points charted with the same color.

* The selection of certain buttons in the toolbar (grids, legend, selection

of chart from the gallery) makes the background color of that button

"black". This happens after making another window visible in front of the

one which has the ChartFX control.

What can I do to solve this issues?

Thank you,

Michael Prendergast

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1) I think you may have changed an ID inadvertedly. Specifically the ID of

the "Rotated View" check-box.

2) This also happens only when using the spanish DLL ? if so, you need to

revise the ID's aginst the original version.

3) Chart FX will cicle throug 16 colors, if you want more, you need to

assign them with your preferences. This is by design.

4) This one I don't understand, I run XP in my computer and never experience

such problems, maybe if you send me your language DLL I can reproduce it and

tell you what's wrong.



Software FX, Inc.

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