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ChartFX 98. How do I disable Label editing?

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Quick Question:

Does anybody know if it is possible to not allow a user to change either a

Series Label or an Axis Label within the Data Editor?

For example, if you add a series to a graph and label it for example

"Income". The user can then open up the data editor then double click on

"Income" and change it to "Expenses". I would like to prevent the user from

doing this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Chris Mancini

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You can do this in two ways:

1) You can disable data editing altogether by settings:

ChartFX1.AllowEdit = False

2) if you want to allow editing of some cells but not all of them you can

use the ChangeString and ChangeValue events.

These events are called after a change is made and you are given the

opportunity to reverse it by assigning:

nRes =1

(ChartFX1.ReturnValue = 1 will be equivalent)

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