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Real Time, Two line labels, resizing

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I just downloaded an evaluation copy of GraphFX98 to be used in VB.  I have

used another graphical package (UNIX, VMS) for many years but I am looking

for something else. This looks very much like a package I would like to

use. I do have some questions that someone may be able to help me with

before I go ahead.

1. When I resize a window (form), how hard is it to resize all objects in

the form? I've tried it manually and noticed that the legend along the 2nd

Y-axis did not move. Is there a VB command to zoom the non-GraphFX objects

on the form?

2. Is it possible to have an X-axis label that uses two lines? I need to

show both date and time and having it on two lines makes sense to me.

3. I need a variation of a real-time chart with a variable X value. I read

here that that is not possible. However, it should be possible to use an

X-Y graph and, when necessary, shift the contents of the graph to the left

to make room for new data points. Is there a method to shift the X-labels

and the series by some amount in an efficient manner that would not result

in screen flicker?

4. I could not find a way to change the color of the value labels (or any

other text). Can it be done?

5. I use dynamic objects like partially filled circles, polygons,

subdrawings, etc. Is anyone aware of add-ins that can do this in VB?

6. Are there many differences between the evaluation version and the

licensed version?

Thanks for any answers.

Henk Borsje

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