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Re: Problem with Label and KeyLabel properties

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I figured it out.




"Dustin Norman" <dustin@zoftech.com> wrote in message


> How am I supposed to to get the text label of an axis? For example, if I


> the following:


> ICfxAxisPtr cpAxis; // Let's assume that this is pointing to AXIS_X


> cpAxis->Label[0] = "MyLabel"

> CString strLabel = cpAxis->Label[0]; // Crash here...


> I end up with a crash because the Label property isn't correctly returning


> string. It is returning garbage. I have tried using get_Label instead


> passing my own string that I allocated more than enough storage for and it

> still didn't work. If I view the chart, the label certainly is being set

> correctly but I cannot seem to get the value out once I have set it. I

> think that it is also important to note that the HRESULT returned by these

> methods are S_OK. Which would lead me to imply that it was successful.


> same behavior occurs with the KeyLabel property.


> NOTE: Am using the DLL version of ChartFX (


> --

> Dustin Norman

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> www.zoftech.com

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> dustin@zoftech.com



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