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You can use the GetPicture method whether the chart is visible or not, the

chart must however have a size.

If you are using the DLL, you need to call CreateWnd before calling

GetPicture to give the chart a size, the window doesn't need to be visible.

To get a picture from the chart without creating a window (using the DLL),

you need to use the Paint method and draw to your own HDC containing a


Here is how, using the <#B>Paint method<#/B> you can obtain an image of the

chart without ever creating a window for it.

HDC hScreenDC, hMemDC;

HBITMAP hBmp,hOldBmp;

RECT rc;


hScreenDC = GetDC(NULL);

hMemDC = CreateCompatibleDC(hScreenDC);

hBmp = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hScreenDC,rc.right,rc.bottom);

hOldBmp = (HBITMAP) SelectObject(hMemDC,hBmp);

// Draws the chart into memory (Bitmap)


// ******************

// At this point, hBmp contains an image of the chart. Add your code that

stores or process this image HERE !

// ******************







"Jeff Weger" <jweger@vetronix.com> wrote in message


> Does anyone know how to use the method GetPicture when the graph is not

> visible?

> Thanks.




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