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Re: More bugs?

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I made the attached gifs with the following code. X axis didn't move in



Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim objCfx As ChartFX

Dim i As Integer

Dim j As Integer

Set objCfx = Me.ActiveXCtl0.Object

With objCfx

.Gallery = LINES

.Chart3D = False

.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 2, 26

For i = 0 To 1

For j = 0 To 25

'Assign the values to the series selected

'.ValueEx(i, j) = Rnd * 100

.ValueEx(i, j) = CHART_HIDDEN

Next j

Next i

'Close the communication channel


.Export CHART_BITMAP, "c:\temp\Hidden.bmp"

End With

Set objCfx = Nothing

End Sub

"Dustin Norman" <dustin@zoftech.com> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I am having another issue with the drawing of charts. If I create a chart

> and make ALL of the points in my series hidden, the x-axis appears at the

> top of the chart instead of at the bottom. In order, to get around this I

> had to fill my chart with at least one point containing some data value

> (even if it is 0.0). Why does this happen? The reason that I am using

> CHART_HIDDEN for all my data points is that under certain cirumstances


> is no data to fill in but I still want to show an empty chart.


> Another related issue is that sometimes I get Invalid Float Operation

> crashes in IChartFX::CloseValues() when I do fill all values in the series

> with 0.0. Unfortunately, this happens very sporadically and I do not have

> the exception address on hand but I will be sure to post a full report


> it happens again.


> I also would like know what the preferred way of getting help on ChartFX


> So far, only SteveT has attempted to help me (and I am grateful to him for

> that help). Is it possible to get statements on any of the issues that I

> have reported from SoftwareFX themselves or is this newsgroups only used


> peer support now that SoftwareFX has gone to the paid support model?


> Thanks,

> --

> Dustin Norman

> Lead Software Engineer

> Zoftech Inc. - Get Work Done

> www.zoftech.com

> v:603 598 7563 x203

> dustin@zoftech.com



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