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If this does not work please go to registration first

Since Built 10 we have fixed the following:

KBID Version Description


Q2512016 **** Error when clicking in the menu's item that covers a menu

bar button.

Q2512015 Importing a file containing custom buttons

Q1392019 Properties dialog (series tab) crashes ocasionally

Q1392018 Legend box disappears

Q1392017 Divide-by-zero when resizing the palette bar

Q1392016 Editing titles in GANTT charts

Q1392014 Combining BAR with other types

Q1382056 PrintForm (VB) not working properly

Q1342166 Legend box: Marker border doesn't reflect series settings

Q2532005 Reading data from JavaScript arrays does not work

Q2522018 Annotation: AllowModify = FALSE doesn't prevent color


Q2512014 Resource leak when moving tools

Q1392013 Divission by zero error when resizing the chart

Q1342165 Calling PaintInfo with CPI_SCROLLINFO causes problems

Q1342164 Exporting 2-yaxis chart data

Q1392011 HitTest not working properly for PIE charts.

Q1392010 Opening the palette list in the palette bar crashes the


Q1342161 PARETO charts: Point lables appearing in the wrong


Q1342160 Displaying more than 9 decimal places

Q1342159 Currency format may not use LeadingZero settings


Q1342157 Radar chart hangs when the main Y-Axis is invisible

Q1342156 Old style right-click menu not showing

Q1342155 HitTest fails in Cylinder charts

Q1342154 Stripes property page crashes when closed

Q1342153 Fonts Menu: Constant lines and Legend box commands are


Q1342152 Menu command state no updated

Q1322004 Floating point error when displaying a small chart

Q2522017 Unicode strings are truncated.

Q2522016 Text for some commands can not be renamed

Q2522015 Japanese characters may be incorrectrly truncated

Q2522013 Annotation Balloons printing incorrectly

Q2512013 External windows may be destroyed when hiding a toolbar

Q2512012 Erratic behavior may occur when inserting more than one


Q1392009 Refresh and ClearData methods not refreshing the Data


Q1382053 Printing scrollable charts

Q1382052 Only one page is printed when using the Print dialog

Q1362021 Reading Chart FX 3.0 files fails to read MultiType


Q1342151 Numbers greater than 1e+20 cause a crash

Q1342150 Legend box moves after exporting to a bitmap

Q1342149 Importing a file with floating tools works incorrectly

Q1342148 Currency symbol incorrectly added to percentages in a pie


Q1342146 Multiline and SkipEmpty properties of the Legend Objects

not saved

Q1342143 BkColor property returns foreground color

Q1342142 Clipping vertical lines

Q1342141 Some color properties return a palettized color

Q1342140 Clipping X/Y CURVE charts

Q1342139 Hiding series in a PIE chart

Q1342138 PointLabelAlign and PointLabelAngle not saved/restored

Q1342136 Import/Export methods not working in some cases

Q1342135 Axis labels not showing when axis is inverted

Q2522011 Editing a text when using a transparent chart displays

the window in the wrong position

Q1392007 Help-Contents and Help-Search menu items not working

Q1392006 Dragging a pattern to the chart background

Q1392005 Help file not found when clicking help button

Q1342132 STEP charts clipping incorrectly

Q1342131 Reversing the X-Axis causes Primary and Secondary Y-Axis

to overlap

Q1342130 Series property page: Color not showing in combo

Q1342128 Contour plots drawing incorrectly

Q1342126 RADAR charts: Series legend not displaying color-key

Q1342125 Returning an empty Data-Tip (GetTip Event) ...

Q1342124 Registration process fails on a Windows NT machine

Q1342121 All series coming out black on printer

Q2512011 Drop-Down items showing incorrectly after customizing the


Q2512009 Memory Leak painting dockable windows (toolbar, legend,


Q2512007 Adding a user command that is part of a group causes a


Q2512006 Reading a file with a customized toolbar can cause a

memory leak

Q2512005 Reading a file that uses an extension can cause a memory


Q2512004 Legend Box displays black lines when setting the Border


Q2512003 Legend Box does not display all available labels

Q2522005 Annotation pictures not displaying

Q1392003 Color menus not displaying correctly

Q1392002 Zooming into a very small area

Q1392001 Changing a color from the context menu ...

Q1382045 Error reading files/projects after downloading SP

Q1362018 Error reading Chart FX 3.0 files

Q1342117 PIE charts: KeyLabel not displayed

Q1342113 CSE_NOSEPARATE not working

Q1342111 CPI_MARKERTOPIXEL not working for last point

Q2522004 Annotation objects: Saving and Loading problems.

Q2522003 Annotation Objects: Item property crashes

Q1382046 User_Command not fired

Q1382040 RealTime charts: Incorrect labels

Q1352003 Crash at design time

Q1342109 Rotated 3D Pie charts not drawing correctly

Q1342108 GridColor property returns incorrect value

Q1342107 Stacked 100% rounding problem

Q1342106 X-Axis printing incorrectly

Q1342105 ScaleUnit not considered when calculating STEP

Q1382032 OLE Server: Incorrect display

Q1382031 Y-Axis labels not displaying

Q1342103 Printer.Orientation returns incorrect value

Q2532003 ADO binding: Decimal-type fields not loaded

Q2532002 OLE DB 4.0: Strings fields not loaded

Q2532001 Databinding: Single-Precision floating point fields read

as zero.

Q2522002 Annotation Objects: Hit-Test error

Q2522001 Annotation objects printing in incorrect position

Q2512002 ToolBar Memory leak

Q2512001 Hiding ToolBar buttons

Q1342104 Chart doesn't redraw after print dialog is closed

Q1342099 Some keyboard input not forwarded to parent

Q1342098 Print Dialog not initialized

Q1342097 Zooming in dates

Q1342096 AngleX, AngleY, Angles3D properties

Q1342093 SCATTER charts converted to STEP

Q1342092 Series pattern settings not saved

Q1342091 Horizontal cylinders not drawing correctly

Q1342090 Printing 2-Levels Labels

Q1342089 Real-Time charts: Clicks affecting multiple charts

Q1342088 Hit-test not working properly in horizontal charts

Q1342087 Enabled property (ActiveX control) not working

Q1342086 Number and Currency formats

Q1342083 Radar and Pyramid charts: Hidden points not working

Q1342082 1-Pixel bars not showing

Q1342080 Lengend not printing when floating.

Q1342079 Setting Printer.PrinterDriver = ""

Q1342078 COD_REALTIMESCROLL not working correctly

Q1342074 MultipleColors not working in Open-Hi-Low-Close charts

Q1342026 Data Editor not scrolling after being moved

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