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Re: Cfx98: Bug in displaying stacked series? (...plus one more bug?)

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We are aware of the different visual effect that there is between

'Z-cluster=true' and 'Z-cluster=false', however, the values of the points do

not change. The explanation why it was designed like this ovey to the order

the bars are plotered in the chart. In resume, the chart is correct in both

ways even though the order of the stacked serie is inverted.

About the problem two, Tooltips, is a wared problem and we will resolve for

the next service pack.




Percy Dyer

Software FX, Inc. Tech Support


"Petr Prikryl"

<Answer.via.news.please.prikrylp@nospam.skil.nospam.cz.nospam> wrote in

message news:2ehFwshTAHA.1428@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi,


> I did observe a weird behaviour when I displayed 3 series

> where the first two were stacked. The attachment contains

> four saved charts for illustration (ZClusBug.zip, about 4.4kB).


> The mentioned problem is clearly visible when CH3.CHD

> and CH4.CHD are compared visually. They both differ only

> in the Cluster property of the chart which was changed

> using the Tool bar button (icon) "Z-Cluster".


> It is clearly visible that when Z-Clustering is off the

> order of stacked series is reversed in comparison with

> the case when the Z-Clustering is on. I.e., the serie 1

> is stacked on the top of the serie 0 in the CH3 case,

> while the serie 0 is stacked on the top of the serie 1 in

> the CH4 case. When you use the "ActiveX Control Test

> container", you can see also the serie indices when you

> point to the value bar.


> When you look at CH1.CHD and CH2.CHD, you cannot observe

> the same behaviour. The only difference is that the

> charts contain only two series, while CH3 and CH4 chart

> contain one more serie which makes the "Z-Cluster"

> display different. The CH1 has Z-Clustering switched off,

> the CH2 on.


> I am using Chart FX 98 version


> Second problem (or bug):

> ====================

> When you try to display the tool tip for the first column

> in CH1 (for example), you always get the tool tip for the

> bottom value of the stacked ones (flat and wide bars

> stacked). Even in the second column, where the y value of

> both stacked values makes pointing to the bars easier,

> the tool tip belongs to the bottom serie even in points

> where one would expect the tool tip of the top serie.


> It looks as if the bars were transparent and the

> enveloping shape were used for detection of the serie

> while it should behave (for a userr) as if he/she wanted

> to get the tool tip for the pointed colour.


> Is it well known problem? Any comment?


> Thanks,

> Petr


> --

> Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

> Please, don't reply via e-mail.





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