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To be able to set a combo box inside a toolbox you have to use a 'handler',

which is a number assigned to a window that is used by the operating system

to keep track of the attributes of the window. In a C or C++ library, a

handle or a pointer is stored in a fixed location in memory, whereas that

pointer points to a movable block.

After create your toolbar in your VC++ project you have to make reference to

the handle of the combo box object as follows code:

ChartFX1->Commands->AddCommand 101

ChartFX1->Commands 101->Style = CBIS_NOIMAGE

ChartFX1->ToolBarObj->AddItems [1, 0] ' Add it as the first button

ChartFX1->ToolBarObj->Item[0]->CommandID = 101

ChartFX1->ToolBarObj->Item[0]->Handle = Combo1.hWnd

"D. Jochens" <djochens@gmx.net> wrote in message


> Hey,


> I use ChartFX98, VC++ and MFC. Could somebody give me an example how to


> a combobox on the toolbar.

> Thanks.

> Dieter




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