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Re: Unicode Support In ChartFX98

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I did get Japanese to show using MBCS compilation and setting the

Charset = SHIFTJIS_CHARSET. However when I compile it with UNICODE flage, I

expect the program to accept any unicode languages. (e.g. in Win2000

Notepad.exe you can paste in any language as long as the character input is


When I see the character in the title edit box turn into "??", it usually

means Chartfx98 internally is not compiled with the UNICODE flag, so the

edit box is not accepting wchar inputs. If it is a font problem, the text

would usually turn into little black box but not "??"s. I am trying to

decide whether I can use Chartfx for international developments, any help

would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


"Justin Trask" <JustinT@softwarefx.com> wrote in message



You need to set the charset property of the font object to the proper

character set. You can get the setting for your font from the MSDN


ChartFX1.TopFont.Charset = setting

Justin Trask

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Conversation: Unicode Support In ChartFX98

Subject: Unicode Support In ChartFX98

Does ChartFX98 support Unicode? I wrote a simple C++ program using


and compiled with UNCODE flag. I am running Win2000 and I was trying to

input some Japanese characters on the chart title. Everything I typed



Any help would be appreciated.


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