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Re: Problems: date/time scale

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My solution is as follows: I take the resultset and put the y-values in an 

array. While doing this I add the 'missing' y-values = 0 so that my

array contains the full year. Then I bind the array to Chart FX and let it

create its own x-values (like it is usual for a categorial axis). Afterwards

I set my desired labels along the x-axis to 'Jan', 'Feb' and so on.

This is somewhat complicated but in some case even better as in this case I

get only 12 values in my plot (and not 13 as in the case of the resultset with

the missing months) and these are at their correct position.

Not the best solution and not really satisfying but for the moment it works.

IMHO scaling and labelling should be further improved.


Justin Trask wrote:

> I am sorry but I have not seen this before. Could you please send me a

> very simple project that demonstrates this problem?


> Justin Trask

> Software FX

> Please reply to: cfxie@softwarefx.com

> >

> > I have a resultset that contains date or time values as x-values, e.g.

> > data for 9 of the 12 months of a year (say: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11).

> >

> > When plotting these data using the default behavior I get a chart with

> > values

> > from 0 to 8, when plotting these data after setting datatype(0) =

> > CDT_Point

> > I get a chart with 13 values ranging from 0 to 12 where the y-value for

> > x = 0

> > is also 0.

> >

> > Trying to set the min and max doesn't work. Setting min to 1 and max to

> > 12 has

> > the effect that the data display is shifted one month (i.e. Jan is

> > displayed as

> > Feb and so on). Setting min to 0 and max to 12 has the

> > same effect.

> > Setting min to 0 but no max the data is displayed correct but the zero

> > value

> > is still visible.

> > In all cases 13 values remain visible.

> >

> > How can I achieve that Chart FX displays the whole year from 1 to 12

> > with

> > the data in the appropriate position?

> >

> > I can't imagine that it should be impossible to plot data and adjust the

> > scale

> > and labels independent from the data shown.

> >

> > Bernd


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