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Re: Tooltip problem

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You might try telling the object what to do with the first series:

cfx.DataType(0) = CDT_VALUE

Does it help?


Bernd Hoffmann <Bernd.Hoffmann@insocam.de> wrote in message news:3A191D29.F1863CBE@insocam.de...

> Hi there,


> How is it possible to select the series I'd like to display the tooltip for?


> I'm using the following code but although I set series 1 and 2 to CDT_UNUSED

> the tooltip always displays the data of series 2 (Chart is a PIE-chart).


> Dim SQL As String

> Dim Rs As ADOR.Recordset

> Dim CfxData As New CfxDataAdo


> SQL = "SELECT A, B, C FROM MyTable"

> CfxData.ResultSet = Rs

> cfx.DataType(1) = CDT_NOTUSED

> cfx.DataType(2) = CDT_NOTUSED

> cfx.GetExternalData CfxData


> How can I 'activate' the cfx.DataType(0) in order to display its values in

> the tooltip?


> Any help will be greatly appreciated.



> Regards,

> Bernd

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