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Legend box problem

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Hi there,

I tried to use the CFX-code sample for centering the series legend box on the

value legend box:

With cfx.LegendBoxObj

.Moveable = False

.BorderStyle = BBS_FLAT

.Docked = TGFP_FIXED


'Center vertically

.Left = cfx.Width - .Width - 8

.Top = cfx.Height / 2 - .Height / 2

cfx.RightGap = .Width + 8

End With

The size of my chart control is 7695 x 7335 so that the left position of the

legend box should be at 7620 and the top position at 3644.

When using this code the legend box disappears (for the SerLegBoxObj it works


When using own values for left and top I end up at about 435 for left and 35

for top to 'center' the legend box.

Is it possible that the internal coordinate system of the chart fx control is

wrong for the legend box?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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